Warranty Information

NextPath IT’s Lifetime Warranty applies to pre-owned and refurbished OEM products sold by NextPath IT. NextPath IT guarantees the highest level of quality, and as such, provides a Lifetime Warranty to all end-user clients.
NextPath IT's Lifetime Warranty is an advance-replacement shipping ground via UPS. In the rare event that NextPath is unable to replace the product, we will offer the client a replacement alternative with similar functionality - and in offer a refund if no alternatives are available to NextPath IT - this varies by case and the discression of NextPath IT's representatives will decide the situation specific application of the warranty terms.
For advanced-replacement warranty items, NextPath IT requests that the defective product be shipped back using a pre-paid shipping label (provided by NextPath IT) within 14 days of receipt of RMA Packing Slip.
NextPath IT's Warranty does not apply to misuse/mishandling of product, acts of God (flood, fire, etc.), improper installation, electrical surges, and/or poor environmental conditions. NextPath IT’s Lifetime Warranty only extends to the original end-user to which is was sold (non-transferable).

For more detailed information and questions, send us an email to sales@nextpathit.com.